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Moving Tips

Relocating locally or moving long distance

can take time, effort, and it can be a stressful experience. Luckily, you have the right idea and have come to the right place! We’ve put together a few tips to help your move be as smooth as possible.


Relocating locally or moving long distance can be extra rigorous when you don’t have a set plan. We recommend our clients to make a moving list as soon as they are aware of the moving date. We suggest you add a timeline to each task in your list to keep track of what needs to be done. Items in that list should include setting up a moving budget, researching moving companies, researching schools, update bank accounts and credit card billing addresses and the little tasks that will amount to a big one if not taken care of in time.


New home, new you! You don’t need to take that chair you picked up as a restoring project… Make your life easier before your move by going through every room in your house and assessing what can be left behind. Get this process started weeks before the actual move, that will give you enough time to go through your whole house and asses what things you don’t need anymore. You don’t have to throw them in the trash, try having a yard sale if you feel the items are worth the time, or donate them.


If you are checking us out, most likely you're packing up your entire household. We recommend our clients to start getting shipping supplies at least one week before the actual packing starts, that way you can do small purchases throughout the week in case you forget something. Your boxes should be sturdy & uniform so they can be stacked, and the truck space maximized. Don’t forget to get bubble wrap and packing paper to secure fragile items. You can calculate the number of moving boxes by the number of rooms & people in your household.


Whether you are packing everything yourself or hiring packing services, make sure you are ready for the big day. Start packing rooms that you won’t be using before you move and mark them accordingly. The closer to moving day, the less things you’ll need to use so start packing your bedroom items and just leaving the necessities. Remember to use suitcases for heavy items as the wheels make it easier to move. For the day of the move, put together an essentials bag for each person in your household so they can have easy access.

If you no want to packing yourself, leave the packing to these guys.

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